Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Power of Poetry: the Pen and the Sword

Can we go on bowing and curtseying to people who are just like ourselves?

We begin to wish that the  Zoo should be abolished; that the royal animals should be given the run of some wider pasturage – a royal Whipsnade.

Will the British Empire survive? Will Buckingham Palace look as solid in 2034 as it does now?

Words are dangerous things remember. 
 A Republic might be brought into being by a poem
- Virginia Woolf in Time and Tide,1st December 1934 (emphasis added)

The video presentation of Heathcote Williams' chillingly eye-opening poem  
Royal Babylon, and its preface by the above quotation, are from http://www.royalbabylon.com/Site/Royal_Babylon.html 

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